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Affordable SEO Services
for small businesses

SEO is the key to sustainability in your business strategy. And although digital marketing can be quite expensive, the truth is affordable search engine optimization services shouldn’t be hard to find.

I get it…finding the right digital marketing service is always a trip. 

What works best? Who can I vibe with? Which strategies will get me the best results? What even is an SEO strategist? 

Well, I’m hoping to make that process a lot easier for you.

The search engine optimization services that I offer are very different in their approach and are tailored to fit you at different stages of your search engine optimization journey.

SEO Services For Small Businesses

SEO Strategy Session

1hr session reviewing custom strategy to improve your site.

Schema Markup Generator

Custom schema written to give your website a boost.

Google Glow Up

Monthly SEO package for strategy and implementation.

Curious to know how search engine optimization benefits you and your business?

No worries, when I invest I need to know how things work and how they can help me achieve my goals so I gotchu.

#1 Heavier flow of traffic

Organic results have a much higher CTR, so once you work your way up the search engine you will undoubtedly get more traffic.

#2 Higher search engine ranking

The primary goal for SEO is to get your page to the top spot of the search engine. By implementing an SEO strategy you are removing barriers and adding signals to be picked up so that you can move higher up on the results page.

#3 Visitors who are ready to Invest

By choosing particular long tail keywords you are able to gain traffic from visitors who already have their wallets out!

#4 So many other reasons

There are little wins and big wins, and this includes the ones you can’t physically see. Like trust. Searchers will begin to trust your business more due to your domain authority, backlinks, the fact that it’s on the 1st page of Google…However trust cannot be measured.

SEO Strategist Asha James leaning on a stool.

So Where Do I Fit In All This?

Simply put, I help your website give signals to Google about how you help them achieve searcher satisfaction aka. answer the search query. Search engines love when your website is optimized because it allows them to do their job more efficiently, and in turn will work in your favour. When you add specificity to your website, and ensure everything is running correctly, you increase your chances of ranking higher within the search engine and optimize for profit.

SEO is a key element to any good digital marketing strategy.


Need to save time

Are done paying absurd amounts of money on ads

Want a constant flow of traffic to your website

Are looking for cost effective marketing

Want to focus on the parts of your business that you love

Need to generate more qualified leads

Then you’ve come to the right place!

SEO Services

Laptop, phone and tablet screens with SEO strategy Service report from That SEO Girl

SEO Strategy Session

The digital marketing strategy session you need to set your small business up for success. Perfect for those who have the tools but need a plan. Register to receive a full search engine optimization strategy and 1hr consultation. We will go through the strategy together to ensure you are well equipped to implement the necessary changes on your own.

Computer screens with a search engine optimization report from That SEO Girl

Google Glow Up

A done for you service for small business owners who need help growing their presence on Google. Throughout a 3 month period your website will be monitored and improved with this digital marketing service.

SEO Strategist Asha James in front of computer with html background

Schema Markup Generator

An affordable SEO service that helps improve your online visibility and click through rate with schema markup data. I’ll write and implement the code for you on the backend of your  website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO worth it?

I don’t want to seem bias so let’s break it down with some facts.

The Google market share is 92.05 %. The amount of daily Google searches is 7 billion. On average the amount of searches on Google by an individual is 4 times. The first 5 organic results account for 67.60% of all clicks. The first result gets approximately 32% of all clicks. 53% of US Consumers searched a website before making a purchase. Organic traffic is evergreen as opposed to ads, which are set for a particular time period.

These are just facts…ultimately the choice is yours.

Why are SEO services important for my business website?

If you want to stay competitive within your field online you need to implement a search engine optimization strategy. This allows you to improve your ranking and increase organic traffic filled with qualified leads. Searchers may be clicking on your results but if you aren’t offering them what they need, they will quickly leave which increases your bounce rate and could have a damaging effect on your rankings. With a search engine optimization strategy you are minimizing that risk by targeting your ideal clients and leading them to the pages they are looking for which created a better experience for all parties involved. 

Do you still offer Social Media Management services?

My focus is no longer on SMM services however I will still occasionally take on clients who need social media management.

This service is $650 USD and includes: 3 branded graphics a week, 8hrs a month doing outreach & engagement, hashtag generation, caption writing and a content calendar. If you are interested in this package please get in touch through email.

I have discontinued my hashtag bank and engagement packages.

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Free SEO Checklist for keyword research and web optimization

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