About Asha

SEO Strategist

Hey y’all my name is Asha James! I’m an SEO strategist based in Toronto that provides SEO services to small business owners within Canada and the United States. 

I’d love to break the fourth wall here and say I think it’s dope that you’re interested in learning more about me and my journey in becoming an SEO strategist.

So let’s start at the beginning…

My Story

How I Got Started

The year is 2020…which already says so much. I had just quit a job at a restaurant because I was approaching what would be the height of my theatre career. I took months off to prep and then realized that the show, along with the entire theatre industry, was going to be put off for a long long time. It gave me the time to sit back and think about my life goals and how I was going to achieve them. 

I loved the idea of being in control of my income, my time & energy and this is when I came across digital marketing. Not being in a position to throw away money I took a few free courses to start, to see if I would be interested enough to follow through on this idea I was dreaming up. Four certificates later I was ready to put my money where my mouth was and completed my diploma in digital marketing from Digital Marketing Institute which sparked my fascination with SEO. 

I went on to take multiple other courses focused on SEO and social media management in order to give my clients the best results. I officially started my digital marketing business in January of 2021 and soon after decided to focus as a search engine optimization freelancer. I never thought I’d have my own company, in digital marketing no less, but it has been quite the journey since. There’ve been accomplishments big and small, and many learning curves, but I’m proud of what I’ve built and the support & guidance I’ve been able to provide.


Mission & Values

The three principles that I carry with me in my mission to help businesses reach their goals along their SEO journey are Affordability, Authenticity & Morality. 

Affordability: I understand the burdens that running a business can have and I don’t want money to stand in the way for small businesses to reach their potential. 

Authenticity: I believe that being true to yourself and being as transparent as possible helps reduce unnecessary stress and makes room to build real connections and growth. 

Morality: If it doesn’t feel right it’s most likely a black hat method and I like to steer clear of all negative energy.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you get started in SEO or stay up to date in order to boost your rankings then I’m your dude!