Affordable SEO Packages

When developing strategies for lead generation SEO should be a top priority. These search engine optimization packages were made to help small businesses at different stages while still providing top quality results. 

Each of these affordable SEO packages are done-for-you services that will help your small business improve the SEO of your website. Whether that be through strategic planning, an SEO booster or full fledged SEO implementation.

SEO Services

Laptop, phone and tablet screens with SEO strategy Service report from That SEO Girl

SEO Strategy Session

The digital marketing strategy session you need to set your small business up for success. Perfect for those who have the tools but need a plan. Register to receive a full search engine optimization strategy and 1hr consultation. We will go through the strategy together to ensure you are well equipped to implement the necessary changes on your own.

Computer screens with a search engine optimization report from That SEO Girl

Google Glow Up

A done for you service for small business owners who need help growing their presence on Google. Throughout a 3 month period your website will be monitored and improved with this digital marketing service.

SEO Strategist Asha James in front of computer with html background

Schema Markup Generator

An affordable SEO service that helps improve your online visibility and click through rate with schema markup data. I’ll write and implement the code for you on the backend of your  website.

How Affordable SEO Packages are Vital For Sustainability

The truth is Google only wants the best for you (as do I), and they keep changing their algorithm to help improve user experience. With search engine optimization you are telling Google that you are trying to work with them to help them achieve that goal. That’s where these small business SEO packages come into play. In different facets they will grab Google’s attention and show them that you are building your website to be a great resource for the searchers which in and of itself is a strategy for lead generation. Through these SEO strategies you will improve your ranking and generate targeted leads. So how is this sustainable? Where SEO differs from other strategies for lead generation is that their methods are constant. The traffic will continue to flow and you can build on them over time while maintaining its affordability. 

Small Business SEO Packages

Not every business is going to be at the same stage, that’s a given. So it was important to me to ensure that I could provide affordable SEO services for small businesses that will make a huge impact no matter where they’re at. 

Which SEO package is right for you?

Have the time and tools but not sure where to start? Looking for a strategy that will step up your game and increase your organic traffic? Then the SEO Strategy Session is perfect for you!

Looking to start implementing SEO but you don’t quite have the budget for the whole shebang? No need to fear! Get custom Schema Markup written on your main pages to help give your website an SEO boost!

Ready to start prioritizing SEO in your business strategy and commit to 3 months of SEO to gain domain authority, improve your ranking and increase your organic traffic? Then Google Glow Up is the perfect fit! 


SEO Strategy Session

1hr session reviewing custom strategy to improve your site.

Schema Markup Generator

Custom schema written to give your website a boost.

Google Glow Up

Monthly SEO package for strategy and implementation.