Google Glow Up

Get ready to take up space on the Google SERP!

Google Glow Up is a done for you SEO service that will keep you competitive within your field and increase your organic traffic. This monthly SEO package will improve your website over time with the implementation of a solid SEO strategy. 

Google is constantly evolving and with no signs of slowing down, it is becoming more and more important to invest in a Google optimization service for your website. Google Glow Up allows you to take more control of your business and its web traffic through using search engine optimization tactics and implement a strong plan of action that will support your business goals at a lower cost.

Computer screens with a search engine optimization report from That SEO Girl

Google SEO Services

Marketing is such a big element to any business and SEO is one of those things you simply cannot miss when building your strategy. It is cost effective as that source of traffic is evergreen and will grow as time goes on. 

By strategically placing signals within your website, adding specificity through keywords and ensuring your site is running quickly and smoothly, you are increasing your website value, which leads Google to reward you with better rankings.

This means you are becoming more visible in search results, and are optimizing to be seen by your target audience, which will result in a higher click through rate and heavier flow of traffic.

46% of product searches begin on Google

Google has a 92% market share

On average it takes 3-6 months to rank on Google

Google Glow Up is right for you if:

You don't have time to do SEO yourself

You're not showing in local results

SEO isn't within your zone of genius


You want to improve your Google ranking

You want to increase your organic traffic

You need help gaining targeted leads

Google Search Engine Optimization Service

Google Glow Up is a monthly SEO package that will help completely transform and optimize your website for the Google search engine. 

We will begin with a site audit and strategy session to go over the different areas of your website that need improvement. After thoroughly reviewing the strategy together I will begin implementation and monitoring your website to identify what is working and what else can be improved. 

With Google Glow Up you will have an SEO optimized website, keywords to use for content, content outlines and be well on your way for improved rankings, increased organic traffic & click through rate.

SEO takes time, but the strategies you implement today will impact your business down the road. This Google search engine optimization service is perfect for small business owners who are ready to make sustainability a part of their business plan and prioritize organic traffic. 

This SEO package is geared to increase time on site, improve ranking, increase organic traffic, increase CTR, optimize for rich snippets & increase profit.


Monthly SEO Package:  3 Month Retainer

  • SEO Strategy & Implementation

  • Tech Maintenance

  • Content Optimization

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Monthly Reporting

The Investment For Google Glow Up Is $1800 US/ Month

Still Unsure If This Google SEO Service Is For You?

At the end of the day, you have to decide what is going to work best for you and your company. All I can say is that Google Glow Up is designed to help you win! 

In most cases, small businesses struggle to manage SEO in-house because they do not have the time or tools and it is not within their zone of genius. This means they often struggle to rank and look for ways to increase traffic that could be costly and lose out on organic traffic from their ideal clients who are looking to invest. 

Why not outsource to someone who’s zone of genius is SEO and can help you target that audience and set your business up for a sustainable stream of traffic?

The choice is yours…

But why wait when all that’s passing you by is traffic?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a 3 month retainer?

SEO is never a fast process, the first few weeks will be spent on collecting data and creating a strategy for your website. It will take a bit of time to implement the changes and then monitor your website for results and other fixes that will need to be made along the way.

Do you optimize for other search engines?

This is a google search engine optimization service, geared specifically for Google as it has the highest market share. However, the majority of these tactics will simultaneously help you optimize for the other search engines as well.

Are there payment plans?

Payment of $1040 is due at the beginning of the working contract and will follow a monthly schedule for the remaining of the working contract.

Why should I get my website optimized?

An SEO strategy is a cost effective form of marketing that allows for a business to accumulate organic traffic over time. Essentially, search engines love when your website is optimized because it allows them to do their job more efficiently, and in turn will work in your favour. It boosts your rank for local and international  searches, provides a better user experience which encourages time on site and ultimately increases revenue.

Can you guarantee results?

I would love to say yes, but the truth is I cannot. Search engines are constantly changing and although with this package your website will surely be improved, I cannot guarantee that you will rank in the top spot of Google. I would beware of anyone that makes such bold claims.