Schema Markup Generator Service

The schema markup that will actually give your business a boost.

What is Schema Markup Data?

Schema resides on the technical side of SEO. It’s a bunch of structured data that you place on the backend of your website so that the search engine can get a deeper understanding of your website content. 

Google is one of the main software companies that created Schema. They made it to help them achieve their main goal, which is searcher satisfaction.

How does the implementation of schema markup do this? There are many different schema markup types that you can find on Article, Service, Product, Breadcrumbs, How to, FAQ…these are some of the general schema types but they can get really specific, and the more specific you can be the better.  

Adding this structured data to your business website through this technical SEO service will give Google a better understanding of your pages and encourage them to give you rich snippets. Rich snippets will make your listings appear more enticing, can take up more space on the search engine results page and increase your click through rate. 

Although plugins add schema to your website, they do not optimize your schema data, they simply add some of the information that’s available to them.

To be clear I’m not completely knocking plugins. They often have many features and can be great for handling your different site needs. However, when it comes to schema for your website, plugins do the bare minimum, which in often cases isn’t enough to yield results. 

What you want is schema that’s going to help support the rest of your search engine optimization strategy and highlight key entities of your website so Google can take notice and custom structured data markup is the perfect way to do that.

Technical SEO Services: Why Schema Markup Is Important

Although Schema Markup isn’t a ranking factor for SEO as of yet, it still has an indirect impact on your rankings as it helps the success of your SEO strategy efforts and has proven to show quicker results than most search engine optimization tactics. 

The benefits of this technical SEO service are simple. 

SEO Strategist Asha James in front of computer with html background

Strengthen the back-end of your website

The benefits of this technical SEO service are simple. 

On the back end, it gives the search engine an even better understanding of your business to ensure that they are serving your content to the right searchers and creates a giant web of information about your site, it’s content,  related links & entities. 

Boost your visibility on the Google SERPs

On the front-end, it can improve the appearance of your listings on the search engine results page, increase your click through rate and lead Google to improve your ranking for certain keywords due to the new information it’s acquired. 

By implementing schema markup on your business website you will have an advantage over your competitors who most likely have not taken this step or optimized their schema for the search engines.  

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex worked together to create in 2011 claims that over 10 million websites use their markup, which translates into less than 1% of all websites

Schema markup is a great way to help your website stand out from your competitors

Schema tells search engines what data means

This schema service is right for you if you want to:

Optimize for rich snippets

Increase your CTR

Stay competitive

Generate more organic traffic

The Investment For Schema Markup Generator Service Starts At $600 US

 How Does This Work?

Step 1

Click the link and fill in the questionnaire.

Step 2

Receive & pay invoice for the amount of pages you selected.

Step 3

When complete your schema markup data will be sent to your inbox or implemented.

It really is that simple!


This done for you schema markup service is $200 per page with a minimum of 3 pages.

If you would like me to implement the structured data for you, you will need to send me your CMS login information through Lastpass; a secure password sharing software, at no extra cost.

You can add schema to any and all pages on your website. If only just starting to implement schema for your business I would recommend focusing on your homepage, service & product pages. 

However, the choice is up to you! Just let me know in the questionnaire and I’ll hook you up! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use schema data on my website?

Metadata is for the search engine, so adding schema allows you to communicate with them and share more information about your business that will help you improve your online visibility.

What’s the benefit of choosing you over a plugin or tool?

The difference between a plugin/tool and this service is that this Schema Markup Generator service will include more data and be highly optimized for your specific business strategy. Even if you choose to use a schema generating tool, you will have to know which information to add for the appropriate properties and have SEO knowledge in order to optimize. 

Why stress yourself out trying to figure out what may work, when you can outsource to someone who already knows what does.

Will you implement the schema?

I can implement the schema for you free of charge, or send it to you through email. This is up to your personal preference.

Which pages should I implement schema?

It is beneficial to have schema on most of your website pages. For small businesses that are just starting out I recommend focusing on your homepage, service & product pages. Once you have those covered, you should move on to the rest. 

If you are unsure which pages you would like me to work on, let me know in the questionnaire and I will choose for you and let you know on the invoice which pages I will be working on that I found to be most beneficial for your business.

How long will it take till I receive my schema data?

Once you have paid your invoice the amount of time it’ll take till you receive your schema is regularly between 1- 2 weeks. Depending on the amount of pages you’d like marked up and my current availability it could take more or less time. This would be discussed if necessary.

Are there payment plans?

Payment plans will only be made available to those with larger orders (if requested), otherwise the full payment must be made beforehand.

Can you guarantee results?

What I can guarantee is that this will be beneficial for your overall SEO and has proven to positively impact website click through rate in a relatively short amount of time. 

I cannot guarantee you this will automatically result in a rich snippet. Results vary based on numerous factors such as content richness, domain authority, Google trust, quality content etc. Google is still in control, all you can do is set yourself up for success. 


What are the schema markup formats?

There are three different formats that you can write schema. RDFa, Microdata & JSON-LD. 

This structured data will be written in JSON-LD format for a couple of reasons but mainly because that is the format that Google prefers, which in and of itself is a form of optimization.