SEO Strategy Session

Looking for an affordable solution to your SEO problems?

SEO Consulting Service

SEO Strategy Session is a site audit and SEO consultation hybrid service. 

Leaving no stone unturned I will deep dive into the search engine optimization of your website with a site audit and develop a strong strategy that will improve your ranking and keep you competitive within your industry online. This isn’t just a business plan with recommendations, but specific advice clearly laid out for you to improve your online visibility and web traffic. Not only will you walk away with a plan, but a method for sustainability. This includes a list of keywords so that you are one step ahead with your future content.

By the end of our SEO Strategy Session you will have a strong plan of action to support your business goals. 

The Impact Of SEO Strategy Services

Having an SEO Strategy ensures your content is of interest to your audience and what they are actively searching for. A key part to that strategy is knowing what keywords to use for seo but there are many more elements to consider. A regular digital marketing consultation won’t necessarily go through the different ranking factors or know specifically which ones are worth spending your time and resources on. Ultimately leading to decreased optimization for your website and less opportunities to convert your visitors into customers.

With SEO strategy services you are prioritizing your organic traffic…I mean who doesn’t love free traffic?! 

The implementation of these strategies set your business up to gain a constant flow of traffic from people who are ready to invest in themselves, their businesses, their loved ones -whatever it may be, they’re willing to drop some cash, and you’ll be ready to collect! 

Laptop, phone and tablet screens with SEO strategy Service report from That SEO Girl

What Is A Site Audit & Why Do I Need One?

A site audit is when your website gets assessed to see where there may be issues within your website structure, if there are any technical issues that could be impacting user experience or functionality and shows where you could improve. In this case with the SEO Strategy Session, this site audit will show me where your website can improve and how it can be optimized for search. I will also be taking a look at your competitors to help inform the strategy and give you the best chance at outranking them.

70-80% of searchers click on organic results over paid ads

49% of small businesses have an SEO strategy

53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy

This SEO service is right for you if:

You need strategic guidance

You have a smaller budget


You have the tools but need a plan

You want to increase your organic traffic

You need help understanding SEO

Step 1

Fill in a quick questionnaire

Step 2

Choose a date that works for you in my calendar for step 3

Step 3

Quick meeting to get to know you and your business better.

Step 4

Meet again in 4-6 weeks for our SEO Strategy Session.


  • SEO Audit

  • Data Report

  • Full SEO Strategy (actionable steps)

  • Keyword List

  • 1 Content Outline

  • 1 Hour Consultation & Video

Working with Asha was great! I loved the strategy, the insights and the explanation. The session was extremely beneficial for our company. She made me understand which changes have to be implemented (and why), and how we can attract more possible customers. She was extremely thorough, understanding and knowledgeable. Also I loved how organized she was. She explained the whole process we would follow from the start and that was extremely helpful. The strategy and the guidance she provided was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much!


Bike It

However, this is just a short list of the tangible benefits of this service. When you decide to invest in this SEO strategy service, you will walk away:

1.  Aware of your problem areas

2. Obtain a strong actionable SEO Strategy

3. Gain a deeper understanding of SEO tactics

4. Know how to move forward with future content

5. Have new tools to achieve your goals.

The Investment For SEO Strategy Session Is $1800 US

SEO Consulting Service

Within 4-6 weeks you can have all the information you need from our 1 hour long SEO Strategy Session that will have your ideal clients finding you organically on the web at an increased rate and all for an affordable cost. 

This one time fee enables you to move to the next level of your business and stay competitive within your field.

So what do you say?

Thinking you need a more hands off approach?

I gotchu!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO strategy?

A comprehensive actionable list of steps to take in order to optimize your website for the appropriate search engine. In this case, I’m optimizing for Google.

How long is the SEO Strategy Session?

The SEO strategy session itself will be roughly 1 hour long. During the session we will review the findings of the site audit and go over the strategy so that you understand not only the elements of the strategy but the need for the necessary changes.

Why do I need an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy is a cost effective form of marketing that allows for a business to accumulate organic traffic over time. Essentially, search engines love when your website is optimized because it allows them to do their job more efficiently, and in turn will work in your favour. It boosts your rank for local and international  searches, provides a better user experience which encourages time on site and ultimately increases revenue.

When do I make my payment?

The full payment of $1800 US is due at the beginning of the working contract.